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Fusing Glass | Designed in Barcelona

We are a handcrafted glass workshop. We work on the elaboration of jewelry made of glass. All our pieces are designed and a 100% handmade in our workshop with different traditional techniques and finishes. This gives them a superior quality and the uniqueness of handmade pieces.

Our concept is defined by the combination of classic and noble crystals with contemporary designs.

Our workshop is located in Canet de Mar, Barcelona. It is an emblematic modernist town close to the Mediterranean Sea, which motivates and inspires us.

Since 2005 we sell our creations in different handicrafts fairs in Barcelona, where we keep in touch with our clients and we also use our online platforms for it.

Adrian Lammoglia

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We show you the techniques we use in our handmade pieces in our workshop.

It is a technique that consists on fusing different types of glass, totally or partially with heat (between 790º - 830º) this gives a total fusion creating a new plaque (flat glass) or partial fusions (half melted). Fusing provides a perfect balance between creativity and technique. It gives infinite combination possibilities and it is also a really exact technique that requires exactitude in the times and handlings to get perfect results.
It consists on shaping glass sheets controlling the oven’s heat and the gravity, for this, we use molds, backings and supports to get curvatures and reliefs. It is used for copying shapes (molds) and also for naturally deformating glass (free fall). The knowledge of the craftsman allows him to know the exact moment when he has to stop the process to be able to capture the idea of the object being made.
Techniques in cold
These are generally used for giving the finish to the glass, and because of the nature of glass and the machinery used in this processes, they are carried out using water. The drilling, polishing, beveling and sanding are some of the processes used in the finishing of the pieces. These have to be done in different stages and with different gradings, from thicker to thinner, until we get the quality finishes that are only obtained working by hand.


Bullseye, Murano, Spectrum...

Because it is our main character we only work with high-quality glass.

All our products are made of Bullseye glass in each of its forms (wires, scales, frits, dichroic, etc.) It offers us endless possibilities because of its great variety of colours, transparent and opaque.

We also use Murano glass, straight and in rods and the murrines that have defined Venetian glass for 500 years. We also use, in some of our products, smalts and metals for inclusions (copper, silver leafs, etc.)

Once we they are done, we finish our pieces with settings made of noble materials, silver bases, stainless steel, natural leather, etc.


Here you can see a small gallery with pictures of our different product lines.

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